For good branding and design it's good to be direct -
but not as far as James' Park.

I have 12+ years experience as a member of creative departments in large and small design and advertising agencies. In that time I have worked on large UK and international brands such as CNN, Jaguar, Habitat UK and Coca Cola. I've designed a wide variety of brand identities, brochures, DM campaigns, websites and marketing material for both print and web.

Now working in conjunction with an expert programmer and copywriter, my mission now is to combine my experience, knowledge and passion for good design with the freedom to work directly with good people and organisations at a fraction of the 'big agency' cost. With solid creative concepts and enthusiasm I aim to bring big ideas and polished creative to the table for every design job.

I have an eye for detail, a passion for good design work and believe that a good idea and great looking design will solve almost anything.

Now for a bit more background...

Thinking back far back as I can remember I have always been fascinated about powerful branding and design. With almost everything under the sun now being branded - from baby clothes to football stadiums. I see it as further proof as to what motivates us every day to purchase. Brands have always allowed people to stand out from a crowd, identify themselves and simply feel reassured that they are part of something relevant and trustworthy.

Back to the story - Branding is powerful! and it's as relevant to business success as interest rates and fuel prices. How powerful? Well enough to convince a name change of a football stadium with great heritage to ' James' Park'.. and also drive Olympic organisers to crack down heavily with the policing of small businesses' use of words like 'medals' or 'gold' during London 2012 - penalising them to an excessive level for even slight useage. Why? Because branding is a huge motivator for sales - with a successful brand image, the sky is the limit. A strong brand can command trust and respect from consumers and alter the decisions they make with their vital purchasing power, to purchase and repeat purchase for a very long time. What makes a brand work well in the long-term is a very strict commitment to design aesthetics and communication in both message and tone of voice that is based on honest truths and 'stakes in the ground' - stuff that people can believe in. In a world where companies increasingly take customers for granted to make fast profits and act in a traditional 'top-down' way of communication, customers are more and more responsive to solid, honest branding that often takes the form of a two-way conversation employing many media channels - including social media.

What on earth is in a brand anyway? and is good branding good design? well, David Oglivy the legendary advertising guru was once quoted as saying "if it doesn't sell it isn't creative", and on the other hand he also said "The pursuit of excellence is less profitable than the pursuit of bigness, but it can be more satisfying." He was right both times, I personally belive that there is a balance to be achieved with design excellence and branding and that, in a nutshell is my job.

Design thought and strategy is behind every piece of work that I do. Good results of design work are often the result of good brand strategy. Consistant brand elements designed into your communications are cues for people to try, buy and repeat buy, and can make or break a good idea or venture. If your idea, venture or business is not working as hard as it could, you could benefit from some extra creative design involving some X-factor (not the TV show) brand desireability.

Contact me for a chat about your design requirements and I can help give your communications a boost with some honest assessment, creative thinking and a new approach. I won't blind you with brand diagrams or bore you with a powerpoint presentations. I offer honest opinion, creative ideas and the means to bring them to life. If you need someone to create print or web design work with an eye for strong brand appreciation - without breaking the bank - I can help.

If you're awake at this point and the above sounds right up your street it makes sense we talk. If you'd like to talk new ideas and fresh thinking for your business please get in touch on 07813 311253, email me at or fill out the contact form here It doesn't matter if your project or job is big or small I'll tell you how I can help.

Print design services

Branding and Corporate Identity
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Brand strategy is the pivotal factor of future business success. It is the foundation of trust and confidence in you by the consumer.

With experience in creating indentities for large brands such as The Feel Good Drinks Company, Bottle Green Drinks and Galaxy FM I can create a strong visual identity for your organization with real strategic thinking and backbone.

To compliment the brand identity, strapline generation, colours, typefaces, photographic styles and communication 'tone-of-voice' are all important additions to the mix and need to be established with clear strategic reasoning of how to take it forward and incorporate it into a living breathing brand with real market stand-out.

As any brand-aware marketeer will tell you, in order to avoid mistakes of Abbey National and Mr Kipling Cake proportions a good brand strategy must first start with two questions:

  1. What are the unique selling points of your business?
  2. What values and truths about your business can people believe in?

The answer to these 'reasons to believe' questions are vital. What follows is then a detailed creative process of:

  1. Target market assessment
  2. Research into competitors
  3. Brand concepts
  4. Name and strapline generation
  5. Logo design
  6. Colour pallete options
  7. Typeface selection
  8. Photographic & Illustrative styles
  9. Brand guidelines
  10. Sample advertising and online design concepts
  11. Direct marketing ideas

If you have a new product or you want to diversify for growth, or you intend to enter new markets, I'll help you answer all these questions and more, to ultimately create a winning brand. This will help generate the kind of response your business needs to become a market leader.

Call me on 07813 311253 with details of your branding requirements and I can give you details of how I can help.

Print Design
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In the age of new fangled on-screen websites, top quality print still cannot be beaten for sheer prestigious brand appeal.

Designing layouts with striking typography on premium stock has a tangibile quality that you can feel. Books are still the best presents to give, we all still appreciate personally addressed mail and coffee tables still love a good catalogue.

If you require any type of print from menus, flyers and newsletters, to brochures, DM mailshots and 48-sheet billboard posters I can design, artwork and produce print work any size to any brand guideline and specifications.

If you simply need design templates or artwork supplied on disc or uploaded - no problem. Or if your needs are larger and you would like me to source quality copywriters, photographers and printers to create larger projects I can handle it all. I can create initial design concepts for approval and work with you every step of the way to ensure complete quality, control and accuracy.

I have experience in producing brochures for large car manufacurers and high street retailers and can work in-house or 'virtually' at my home office, whatever is best for the job timeline.

Call me on 07813 311253 with details of your print requirements - large or small and I can help make it happen.

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If you have a product in the retail environment you are only too aware that packaging is the real marketing. As the compound result of branding, name generation, copywriting, design as well as different manufacuring and print processes - packaging has got it all.

Packaging is physical branding in motion - it needs to be inviting, persuading, infuencing and reassuring all in one shot. The design needs to achieve nothing less than the 'smile point'. Yes, you may have experienced this already when picking up an iphone for the first time or unwrapping a bottle of Molton Brown product. It is the point where you feel you are holding something that someone has given a lot of time and thought over every detail of that object and you can't help smiling - because you want it. On reaching this elusive 'smile point' we've won trust and confidence in the consumer - and congratulations, you've just elevated your brand.

This is the difference between a great branded package and something that just contains shower gel.

With experience in branding, name generation and packaging of some of the UK's largest food and drink brands, you can be confident that I will take every branding opportunities necessary to create great packaging design for your product.

Call me on 07813 311253 with details of your packaging requirements and I can show you my previous (award winning) examples and details of how I can help.

Web design services

Web Design
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I believe that a good website is a crucial marketing tool and a shop-front for your business in a world where more people are spending more of their time online.

I can design and build a website with a professional online presence that will project a strong image for you or your company.

I have a strong branding background in web design so I aim to make all my website designs visually stunning, clean-looking and easy to navigate. You can be confident that your site will stand-out from your competitors in both design and search-engine performance.

Take your business online and you are choosing a well designed website that is made to be content-managed by yourself so you can make easy updates and copy changes whenever you choose.

For added results, why not add a subscribe function to your website and send a monthly email newsletter to a database of potential customers? Email marketing is the perfect way to collect email addresses, keep your customers informed of news and re-visiting the site.

Web Services in brief:

  1. Complete website design
  2. Single page website design
  3. Single page template (PSD) design
  4. Dynamic Content-Managed websites
  5. HTML coding and CSS styling
  6. Search-engine optimisation
  7. Search-engine site submission
  8. Domain name registration & hosting
  9. Graphic (HTML) email marketing
  10. Banner advertising

Call me on 07813 311253 with details of your web plans and I can help bring them to life.

Domain Names, Hosting and Email
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If you are starting afresh and would like to secure a domain name and hosting for your future site I can help set this up at cost price. By working with an ultra relaible and great value web hosting company I can provide you with a step-by-step approach to owning your own domain name and the purchasing of hosting direct from the web hosts - with no mark up by myself.

By owning the domain name and hosting yourself it's a more cost-effective and straightforward arrangement which gives you full ownership of the website from day one.

Once your domain name is purchased you can stop using your free hotmail and start using a real email address! By using an email address with the same name as your website (after the @ symbol) it provides you with a more professional looking address - and also acts as a constant advert for your website.

Setting up your machines to send and recieve from your new email address, and the publishing of a one page website to give you an initial presence online, is the first step II take to realising your future website - and it's remarkable easy and quick to set up.

Call me on 07813 311253 with details of your web plans and I'll help you get it off the ground.

Easy Updatable Sites
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Ensuring your website is always up to date is essential to encourage return visits and keeping the site fresh.

Being able to easily acess the content on the site is something that I build into every website I design.

So whether you need to change prices, headlines or latest news on your site I can make this is easy and secure through the use of an administration section to your site. Invisible to the public, this section will be an area where you can 'log-in' using a password and be able to edit and change details on the site whenever you wish free of charge.

This will show the world that you are committed to your website and brand by not letting it gather dust like so many sites out there.

Email Marketing
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One of the most measurable ways of reaching people with your brand is via email. If you have a list of email adresses of customers or you would like to start to collect email addresses through your website I can implement eveything you need to start an email marketing campaign - and deliver detailed reports on the results.

The beauty of email campaigns are that it takes your website right to your customers via their email inbox - rather than persuading them to visit you online. Your customers will recieve a fantastic looking branded email with links back your site for more information.

The best bit is that after sending your email you can can see detailed reports of who opened your email, who didn't and how many people visited your site as a result.

For more information about this excellent cost-effective way of marketing, please read the full details by clicking here.

Contact me for more detail on 07813 311253 and I will be able to give you more detail on this system.

Search Engine Optimisation
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There is a huge amount of people choosing to go online to purchase and find goods and services - U.K. shoppers spent £5.46 billion ($8.80 billion) online in December 2009, 17% more than a year ago, according to a report by the U.K.-based e-commerce trade group Interactive Media in Retail Group and technology consulting company Capgemini. For the year, online sales in the U.K. were up 14% over 2008. With this staggering statistic in mind it is vital to get your website visible to people when they visit search engines like Google. If you do not optimise your website, no one will see it because search engines will not list it in their results. This means you could be missing out on important business opportunities.

Whether you provides products or services, search engines are a primary method of navigation to your site for nearly all internet users.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital for ensuring your website is highly ranked in search results. A website that it optimised to appear on the first page of Google may see a dramatic increase in visits.

By researching and alaysing keywords and phrases that are the most highly searched for and relevant to your business, I can build these into your site with all the relevant Meta information. 'Off-site' optimisation is then done - establishing the all-important external links to other websites - boosting your page ranking.

*The price for SEP per month involves an initial set-up fee to optimise the page and a minimum 3 month contract.

Call me on 07813 311253 with your requirements and I will show you how I can help in more detail.

Project Management

Creative Direction
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Good creative ideas for your business need to come to life through technical knowledge, a good eye for detail and hands-on management of the whole process from sketches on paper to seeing it finished in print and on-screen. This may involve third parties such as print specialists, copywiters, photographers and programmers depending on the job. I have experience of taking jobs through every stage of the process and being there to ensure that it all goes smoothly.

Working closely with you and listening to your requirements I am able to provide timelines and critical paths with a work ethic that can provide you with confidence.

Photography and Art Direction
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The cornerstone of good marketing - If you've got good photography this can be applied to almost anything in print and web. Invest in quality and this will give you returns. First impressions are crucial to your image. If you use poor quality imagery it will get noticed and potentially damage the hard-earnt impression you and your brand have built up.

People take fractions of seconds to decide whether a website looks good or an advert looks tempting. By using quality photography that can be used time and time again this is a crucial factor in grabbing attention, conveying quality and building trust and confidence in your brand. Photography is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your brand - and it needs to be done right. A friend who's just got a flashy new digital camera and offering to help won't cut it. Professional lighting, staging, art direction and a photographer are needed to achieve the best results.

By using the best photographer with experience of major brand and retail photography and being on hand to direct the shoot I can guarantee the results your brand deserves.

Call me on 07813 311253 for more details on how i can help with your photography requirements.

Print Sourcing and Management
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There are many factors that make a good printer - price, quality and lead-times being the biggest. With every job I am able to manage the print process from design and artwork through to print and delivery. I am able to source low-run digital printing to high volume print work, to 48 sheet posters using a tried and trusted print supplier.

Please call me on 07813 311253 for more details on how I can help with your printing.

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